ODC Tuition Policy

Enrollment Fee:

 $30/one child or $50/family

                          Classes                       Monthly Payments           *Weighted Tuition Payments
                                                         (Sept.-June Payment Plan)      (September – February only)
1                                          $45.00                                $68.00
2                                          $65.00                                $100.00
3                                          $80.00                               $126.00
4                                          $95.00                               $153.00
5                                         $110.00                              $180.00
 6                                         $125.00                               $206.00
 7                                         $140.00                               $233.00
 8                                         $155.00                               $260.00    
9                                        $170.00                               $286.00
10                                        $185.00                                $313.00
  11                                         $200.00                               $340.00

*Weighted Tuition Payments

Effective August 2019, ODC will be implementing a weighted tuition payment plan.  This plan gives families the option to pay for their monthly tuition and all costumes needed for the year in the months from September thru February.  Once those are all paid in full, March thru June will follow the monthly tuition payment option and your payments will decrease since costumes will already be paid for.  We put this payment option into play to help families spread their costume payments in the beginning of the year.  If you have any questions regarding this payment option, please email the studio.  Please note that this option is for tuition and costumes ONLY.  

Terms and Conditions:

**After October 1 you will be held financially responsible for your Christmas show costume.  After Dec 1 you will be held financially responsible for all spring recital costumes.  All costumes are NON-refundable and can only be exchanged for size once ordered.  If you choose to not participate in the recitals you MUST notify Ashley or Michelle in writing prior to the dates listed above.

*All payments are due at the first class of each month. Tuition is based on a payment policy broken down into 10 payments.  It is not a monthly payment.  It is a yearly payment that we break down into affordable payments for your family.   If your child does not attend classes during any particular month, you are still responsible for the 10 payments due on your account.  Any payments received after the 15th day of each month will be charged an additional $15.00 late fee for each month that is overdue.

*Deductions will not be made for any missed classes. Make up classes will be scheduled IF needed for snow days/holidays.  Make up classes will be scheduled at the discretion of the choreographer.

*All families must keep a credit card/debit account on file effective September 2014.  Your account will be kept on file and charged for late fees, bank fees due to a bounced check, or costumes ordered that you did not cancel by the due date listed.  We will notify you via email before ever charging your account.  You may also have payments deducted automatically with your consent

Tuition Agreement

Automatic Credit/Debit Card Deduction Agreement