Summer Camps

Occhipinti Dance Co.

Summer Intensives 2023

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Around the World Pre-Ballet Camp

Ages 3 and up 

July 10-14 9:00 a.m-10:30 p.m.

Cost: $100.00 ($25 discount/sibling)

Instructors: Miss Zoe and Miss Lauren

This new and exciting summer program is designed for our youngest dancers to come and spend their morning dancing, reading, engaging with their peers through cooperative games, story time, and snack.  Our camp has a fun summer theme and will give your young dancer fun and new choreography and skills to focus on each day.

Stretch and Strengthening

(Dancers, cheerleaders, athletes WELCOME!)

July 5-August 9 Wednesday’s 5:30-6:15

Instructor: Mr. Michael

This class is geared toward making your athlete strong enough to harness their max flexibility and get those split goals!  Mr. Michael does a combination of dynamic stretch combinations for hips/hamstrings/back/feet and ankles along with strengthening for core, legs, and arms.  ANY ATHLETE can benefit from this class to keep themselves in shape and flexible during off season so they can come back strong in the fall.

PARENT ONLY Stretch and Strengthening

July 5-August 9

Wednesday’s 6:15-7:00 AND/OR Thursday’s 6:15-7:00

Instructor: Mr. Michael

SPECIAL RATE: $12/class

Moms, it’s your turn!  We have a class for you!  Mr. Michael is ready to get everyone in shape for summer and give you a little “me” time while your kids are in class next door.  Come and join us for a parent only stretch and strengthening class geared specifically for our moms.

Hip Hop Intensive

Levels 1-5

July 5 -August 9 Wednesday’s 6:15-7:00

Instructors: Miss Emily 

This camp will focus on more advanced choreography and skills set to the latest pop, r&b, and hip hop music. A new piece will be learned every few classes to keep things fresh and exciting! Whether you are a beginner or have experience in taking hip hop, this will be a great way to challenge your technique in a fun and carefree way!

First Year Pointe Intensive-Level 4 dancers

July 6 -August 10 Thursday’s 5:15-6:15

*Cost: $150 (special rates/class deductions do not apply)

Instructor: Miss Laurie

This intensive is designed for classical ballet students who are beginning first year pointe.  You must be approved by Miss Michelle and Miss Ashley to enter this course and begin pointe training.  This class will focus on the very basics of beginning pointe work, proper shoe care, and strength building.  Students should NOT buy their own pointe shoes.  A day will be scheduled with the instructor for a private fitting to ensure that all shoes are fitted properly.

**This course is mandatory for all students beginning pointe for the 2023-2024 dance season**

Leaps and Turns

Levels 1-5

July 6-August 10 Thursday’s 5:30-6:15

Instructor: Mr. Michael

This exciting class is geared towards technique behind jumping and turning.  Dancers will focus on prep for turns and new and exciting ways to get into and out of pirouettes.  Dancers will be taught the proper technique behind taking off and landing for jumps as well as introducing higher level leaps they may not be working on in regular class.  Mr. Michael will challenge dancers by doing across the floor combinations incorporating turning and leaping as well as transition steps to get into and out of these moves.

Musical Theater 

Levels 1-6

July 6-August 10 Thursday’s 6:15-7:00

Instructor: Miss Laurie

This camp is back by popular demand.  Each week participants will learn about a new Broadway show.  The storyline, the history, and the genre of dance that the show focuses on.  They will also work on a new piece of choreography from a hit number from the show.

This camp is in high demand and space will be limited for dancers.  Register quickly to hold your space!

Adult Yoga

Yoga classes with Rebecca Bagioli will be offered throughout the North Pocono community this summer!

*Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. Occhipinti Dance Company

*Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Daleville United Methodist Church

*Thursdays (bi-weekly) Vino and Vinyasa 6:00 p.m.

Wood Winery (Must be 21+ to attend)

*Saturdays 11:30 a.m. Occhipinti Dance Company

*Sunday (last of the month) 

Rest and Release Yoga 6:00 p.m. Occhipinti Dance Company

Musical Theater

Leaps and Turns

Stretch and Strengthening

Hip Hop Intensive

$100 1 class

$150 2 classes

$200 3 classes

$250 4 classes