Please note the following procedures for the studio reopening:

1.  Students will be required to wear a mask into the studio that covers their nose and mouth.  Once in place, we will not require the children to dance with masks on. We will practice social distancing. When moving around the studio during breaks, bathroom time, etc. they will wear their masks.  

2.  All staff will be wearing masks.

3.  The waiting room is CLOSED. 

-Parents of dancers in Levels 6 and 7 will be asked to sit in the parking lot during class if possible.  If you cannot stay, please let us know at drop off.

-Parents of all other levels are free to drop off your child and return at pick up time.

4.  All children and staff will have their temperatures taken upon entering the building each day.  

5.  Hand sanitizing stations, air purifiers, and social distancing stickers have been added to the studio to promote health and safety of our ODC family.

6.  Students will be assigned a classroom and will use separate entrances to enter and exit.  Studio A (the back studio) will use the side door on the walkway back to the porch and Studio B (the front studio) will use the main doors.  If we feel there is a group that is larger than the class and we feel they could socially distance more efficiently in the back studio, we will change rooms.  Although, we will not be mixing groups and we will be sanitizing the rooms before switching if necessary.

7.  If your child has a break between classes, they are welcome to bring a packed snack/dinner with them.  We ask any child who has a break to also bring a beach towel or yoga mat.  There will be a designated area for them to hang out, eat, and relax before their next class.

8.  We encourage all of our dancers (especially our youngest) to USE THE BATHROOM before coming to dance.  If your child needs to use the bathroom, they will be required to wear their mask.  The bathroom will be sanitized after each use by a staff member.

9.  Please send a dance bag with your child where they can keep their water bottles, shoes, towels. etc. separate from other dancers.  We will not allow them to put all of their water bottles together.  All bottles and bags should be clearly marked with their names.

10.  Please remember, if your child or anyone in your family has been exposed to COVID-19, DO NOT COME TO DANCE CLASS.  

You must sign our waiver to return to the studio.  A hard copy will be kept on file for each child.

11.  Please note, that if the status of our county changes, we will adjust accordingly.